The Luxurious Technology That’s Transforming High-End Homes

The Luxurious Technology That’s Transforming High-End Homes

If you’ve got the means, here are tech features sure to dazzle in any property

Other than the usual places -- kitchen, baths, garage -- there are plenty of other interesting ways architects and designers are creatively incorporating luxe tech throughout the home.


The Ups & Downs of Living the High Life

Elevators are common in larger vacation properties but they are becoming more popular in full-time residences as homeowners look for ways to avoid stairs in vertical homes, especially for owners who require mobility assistance, want to age-in-place, or for large families with strollers and supplies to ferry up and down. Michael Caporiccio of TK Elevators reports that installing a small, 3-stop elevator with a capacity of about 750 lbs. runs about $80,000, while a larger unit similar to the size in a public building with a capacity up to 2,000 lbs. could be as high as $150,000. Maintenance costs and repairs can be pricey, but for those who desire the ease of pushing a button and gliding to the top, a luxe lift is at the height of affluent abodes.


What Are You Hiding?

Home bunkers have come a long way from Cold War Era basement enclosures, and from Panic Room to the recent Leave The World Behind, Hollywood loves to showcase how the upper echelon hides away their treasures – both material and personal. From a “safe room” where residents can protect themselves or their valuables from a home invasion or extreme weather event to entire wings of a home meant for sumptuous hiding out, security-conscious owners are adding protective home tech at an increasing pace. According to Mansion Global, costs can range from $30,000 to $80,000 for high-end vaults, $50,000 to $300,000 for basic armored rooms, and over $1M for elaborate constructions – usually in a home’s basement or dug deep into the ground elsewhere on a property. But not all hideaways have to be over-the-top, they can be tiny hidden quaint spaces. 


Climate-controlled wine vault in Capitol Hill Rowhouse listed by Lisa Coutts with Cher Castillo & Co.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Who needs a night on the town when you can serve the best drinks in town at your deluxe watering hole? Wine rooms and cellars and their tech-forward features have been de rigueur for luxury homes but in-home posh pubs are gaining ground. No longer relegated to tucked-away bar carts or basement “man caves,” these entertaining areas add a dash of glamour and style with high-tech twists, courtesy of temperature regulators, automated home brewing machinesexpert mixing gadgets, and saucy cocktail apps. Check out both the sleek bar and elegant wine room in this McLean listing represented by Sara Fox and the beautiful wine wall in this Leesburg home I sold last year…cheers!


Grab Some Popcorn and Take a Seat

No tech-forward dwelling is complete without a home theater and there are as many ways to outfit the space as there are entertainment options. Bespoke electronic systems – including TVhome cinemaaudiomood lighting, and VR gear – can be used by all members of the family and add engaging activities to any gathering. Advances in electronics move faster than most other home tech so it’s worth it to keep up with trends from experts at CES, which just held its annual conference and showcased some of the newest TV advances, including features like transparent screens, a 115” model and even a foldable TV! 


The Great Outdoors

Outdoor space is getting a LOT of attention at the moment, perhaps from when we were sequestered during the pandemic or as a way to maximize all the space of a property. And while the ole backyard might not seem like a place for high-tech, there are opportunities to add a bit of science to the flora & fauna. From spa-worthy pools to al fresco kitchens to eco-friendly gardens, outdoor spaces are being lavished with luxe touches. 

Whether your budget allows for the maximum inclusion of state-of-the-art features & finishes or you’re more modest with the luxe touches, the opportunities to test out home tech can be found for every room of your home at every price point. Let me guide you to the home that fits your needs and speed!

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