Mixing Vintage and Modern in the Home

Mixing Vintage and Modern in the Home

Photos: Lauren Zillinger for Laura Metzler
Most design enthusiasts will agree that you can never go wrong fusing together vintage and modern pieces in the home. As we begin 2024, it’s normal to want to refresh your space now that the holiday décor is put away, and what better way to do so than by mixing in some secondhand finds? Below, we’re sharing a few tips to keep in mind when combining styles.

Buy at Least One Vintage Piece of Large Furniture

Whether you’re fortunate enough to have inherited some heirloom pieces from relatives or simply enjoy shopping for your own vintage pieces while at antique stores and flea markets, don’t be shy about pairing these items alongside your more contemporary furnishings. For example, consider styling your sectional sofa with a vintage marble coffee table to add a touch of grandeur to the living room. Rather than tucking your barware inside a kitchen cabinet, set up an entertaining ready display by turning a small wooden chest into a bar cart of sorts. Display liquor bottles and decanters on a chic tray, and use the drawers to house table linens, coasters, and other serving essentials. One-of-a-kind pieces will ensure that your home feels unique and true to your personality rather than appearing cookie-cutter.


Don’t Be Threatened By a Bit of Patina 

If you come across pieces with patina, don’t fret—a bit of wear is what makes secondhand pieces so special; they truly tell a story. Homes that solely feature brand-new, sleek furnishings can come across as a bit stark so don’t shy away from incorporating some character.

Delicately Pair Old and New Like a Pro 

To ensure that your home appears stylish without resembling an antique shop, be intentional in mixing old and new. For example, remove a pair of antique prints from their original frames and take them to Framebridge, where you can select an on-trend frame that is sophisticated, not stuffy. Pair a set of vintage nightstands with a contemporary bed frame so that your sleep space appears well-curated, not dingy.


Style Your Built-ins With Vintage Finds

Do your living room built-ins need a bit of a refresh? Instead of shopping for all brand-new objects to display, go the vintage route for a more curated look. Style favorite novels and coffee table books along with small trinkets that speak to you while you’re out thrifting, exploring antique shops, or traveling. Instead of purchasing bookends or storage boxes from major online retailers, search for one-of-a-kind pieces that serve the same function. Note that you can think outside the box a bit here, too, when determining what to display. For example, that vintage vase you came across last year deserves a place in the spotlight. Remove it from the depths of your dining room hutch and place it on top of a stack of books so that it can shine.
You won’t regret incorporating vintage items into your home. For one, this is an environmentally friendly practice, and second, many will argue that older items were simply made better. That 100-year-old dresser you received from your grandparents may easily have another 100 years (or more!) left in it; the furniture of yesterday was truly built for the long haul. Happy hunting!

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